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    5 Pieces of Advice from KAI’s ED Artist Class “Peaches”
    On December 30th 2021, KAI joined us at ED LIVE to teach an Artist Class for the choreography of his song “Peaches”. At the end of the class, he had a Q&A session and shared his previous experiences and life views while answering a few questions submitted by our trainees. Here are the questions and answers:   You always look very cool on stage, so I was wondering how many hours do you practice before a stage and is there anything you do right before you get on a stage to prepare yourself or give yourself the courage and confidence to go on. Thank you! —Sophia, United Kingdom   KAI: You know, there’s never ending to a practice. For the peaches performance and as well as the concert, I feel like I prepared and practiced for about 1-2 months. Even though I practice a lot, until I get to the stage and perform it, I can’t really feel if I prepared enough for it. Sometimes I end up on stage like “I don’t know if I practiced enough, did I?” and go up on stage. But if you trust yourself and time has passed already. Time goes on, so just have fun and enjoy the moment. For you guys as well, when an important time comes up for you guys, trust yourself and be confident. Alright? I trust you guys and I believe in you guys, so believe in yourself everyone!     What is your method to feel the music, and making facial expressions? I see you do amazing with facial expressions and seems you are telling the story of the music just by using your face and moves, how do you do it? How do you connect with the music? —Nadjie, Panama   KAI: Nadjie from Panama asked this question. First off, I think it’s really important to listen to the music a lot. When I go on stage, I forget about how much I practiced and I just enjoy the moment as it is, as my body already memorized the moves. It just goes with the flow.     For somebody that has been in love with dance for forever, but decided to take it seriously by taking classes kind of late in life (29 year old), what is the best advice moving forward? —Keyy, Japan   KAI: Practicing and enjoying that moment of all your practicing can really help you improve but once it becomes your job, or your work, it may become a bit difficult at heart. I’ve been dancing for 20+ years, I’ve technically become one with dancing and performing. Just don’t forget that moment, that feeling you had when you first started to dance.     What's the moment you have been the most proud of yourself? What is a dream/goal of yours you haven't achieved yet? —Stella, Greece   KAI: I think this moment or EXO’s debut till now, every moment that I’m able to be in front of you guys, makes me the most proud of myself. My goal is to keep on going and show you guys the best performances I can. What are your New year’s resolutions guys? First thing you hope would come true. Travel, dance, to be happy, to be able to see KAI, getting accepted in auditions, staying healthy, being a doctor etc. There’s a lot! Someone said 'Boyfriend' in the chat! (HAHA) that’s important. Whoever wrote boyfriend, I will root for you. Next year when I have another ED class, let me know if you got a boyfriend. You can take the class together next year!     For me, my new year’s resolutions are to keep being happy with my fans. I will try hard for it! Happiness is the goal. I’ve already listed it out in my head of the things I can help you. Try to think about all the ways you can make a boyfriend, then you’ll definitely be able to get a boyfriend. Before you make a boyfriend, you have to know their number, right? So try to have a nice plan!     What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? —Meli, USA   KAI: There’s this one thing that really got to me. Really hit my heart. Everyone just lives. I think that really got to me. Putting meaning into every single little thing, when I didn’t like something and it didn’t come out the way I expected it, it really made me stressed and sad. Sometimes I had dull days, you were born so just live. That sentence really hit my heart. When you first hear this, it may not sound like much, but you just gotta live. The next day, something else news are going to come up. If things start to come up, and after couple days, you’re going to forget about what you were mad about or stressed about. My sister actually said this to me. For me, when I see my sister, I feel like she lives really happily. fter seeing that, I really felt what she meant. So just live like flowing water. While you’re on the road, you probably have all of sudden fish in your hands, something’s going to come into your hands, so just live!   What about you guys? We hope you remember the best advice, enjoyed KAI’s Q&A, and that you found his words helpful or even inspirational!   With love,  ED Team
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    Quick Guide to ED
    Wanna start your KPOP journey, but hesitating because you haven't danced or sung before?  Don't worry, everyone starts at the very beginning and builds their way up.  Here on ED, your KPOP training can be adjusted to your level. You’ll be able to learn all types of KPOP-related categories like dance, vocal, fitness, and more to help you get started on your road to KPOP journey.  Our dance instructors choose KPOP songs and create special choreos just for ED, so that all levels can have fun dancing to a song that they like. But that’s not all, our instructors also teach original choreographies to help you challenge yourself to improve more! Seize the opportunity to train with the world's best KPOP instructors and fellow trainees through ED live classes.  You can learn the choreos on-demand through our Practice room or even LIVE classes. WAIT LIKE... INTERACT WITH THE INSTRUCTORS AND FELLOW TRAINEES? YES!  Our live classes are taught by ED instructors and you can receive direct feedback from them, real time:    THE BOYZ HYUNJAE & Q’s ED Artist Class: THRILL RIDE   We created a quick guide to ED so that you can get the most out of ED and enjoy to its full potential. Our ED staff and trainees will help you along the journey, so hurry up and ride your way into ED!     Who are the instructors?    ED instructors are industry professionals who have taught your favorite or biased KPOP stars.  You know those choreographies where you see your favorite KPOP star dancing to.    RIAN BoA - Better Rian didn't let us down with her choreography for 'Better', which is the title track for BoA's 10th album to celebrate her 20th debut anniversary.     BADA aespa - Next Level Let's go up to the Next Level with aespa's original choreographer, Bada! Well, our ED instructors are ACTUALLY the ones who taught and even created them! These are only tiny parts of the choreo available on ED! WHAT?!?!?!? I KNOW!!! We have more than 40 instructors in total, and you'll be able to find your favorite instructor here! Click for more information. Through the instructors, you’re not only going to learn awesome choreos to your favorite KPOP song, but also learn the basics. THE ESSENTIALS TO DANCING!    Get those dancing shoes out 👟 and learn from the awesome instructors! You don’t even have to come to Korea to learn.    ALL THROUGH ED.    How can I join ED live classes?     All you’ve got to do is… click the LOGIN button  and start your 14-day free trial. FREE FOR 14 DAYS!    Then, you need to see who the instructors are, what kind of dance style they have. If you already know who they are because you’ve seen our instructors on YouTube, or tv shows before, you know what to do.   If not, check the instructor's page on and see what their classes are like!   Second, check your schedule.  Check the dropdown menu to see if the timezone is yours. It might be slightly different in other Asian/European/African/Oceanian countries due to the time difference!   The button will be automatically changed to the pink  “Join Class” button if the class is live now. If not, the button will be like   “YOU’RE IN”. Chosen classes will be displayed on the home screen of   Woohoo!!    When your class starts, join the class and turn on your camera!    By turning on your camera, you can learn faster and have a better live experience. And of course, you can also make supportive friends who are super supportive and kind ;)    Meet your fellow trainees, ask questions, and talk to them in the chat.  For more information, check out this article: How to join an ED LIVE class.    What kind of classes are on ED?    ED has MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLASSES! For more information, check this article on the class categories of ED.   KPOP Essentials KPOP Essentials classes are an easy, fun and essential guide to dancing and the classes focus on the breakdown of foundational dance moves such as steps, turns, body isolations and waves.    If you’re down to give it a try for choreos, try our beginner choreo classes first!   Beginner Choreo Beginner choreos are beginner-friendly rearranged choreography by our instructors. With their easy-to-understand instructions, you can be able to learn choreography quickly and exactly. You will soon be able to dance like a KPOP star if you continue with our step-by-step classes, seriously.  Choreography Our instructors choose some KPOP songs and craft special choreos, so all levels can have fun dancing to a song they like. Our instructors also teach original choreographies to help challenge yourself and improve more. Recommended for above Level C trainees.      Style Dance Our instructors specialize in different genres and forms of dance such as Popping, Waacking, and Tutting and teach different styles of choreography. Recognize the color of the choreo through their ED live classes!   Vocal Jay Kim, the lead singer of SM Entertainment's popular rock band TraxX is your new vocal trainer! With Jay's expertise as a KPOP artist and trainer, experience the professional vocal training from the basics. Enjoy KPOP songs to the fullest with Jay and upgrade your singing skills in no time!   Fitness ED Fitness instructor Soomin Yi is a star Pilates instructor who teaches many KPOP idols how to stay healthy and in shape. Just like she taught Yeri from Red Velvet and Nayeon from TWICE, she will also help you start Pilates for the first time with her calm and gentle teaching. Stretch out and strengthen your core muscles with Soomin’s “Pilates for Dancers” classes so you can move your body better! Styling Our instructor Minjung is actually a dancer who has been dancing for numerous top idols like BIG BANG, BLACKPINK, etc. for more than 10 years. Throughout her experience, she has learned the basics and tips on how to create the idol/stage makeup! Minjung will teach you step-by-steps on the do’s and don’t of KPOP Makeup!  ED Artist Classes As you take ED’s Artist Class, you will be able learn directly from the artist via real-time. They’ll be able to watch you and help you step-by-step with each move and even give you tips when it comes to performing on stage. At the end of each artist class, a Q&A session takes place. You can ask questions regarding their trainee life experience, dance, performing on stage, and etc.(Only a few questions will be collected before the artist class due to time constraint) That’s a lot and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? You’ll be gettting unlimited access to all the classes.    Monthly evaluations from the instructors   There’s one more thing to look forward to: You can receive your personalized feedback from our instructors through our monthly evaluations!😱 If you meet the attendance quota of 20 live classes per month or the homework quota of 6 practice videos in 3 weeks (3 vocal and 3 dance, not for feedback), you will be eligible to receive a monthly evaluation. You can then submit a video for evaluation on the home screen of for feedback from our instructors.    We are alternating dance and vocal evaluations every month, so if we have vocal evaluations this month, we will have dance evaluations next month.  You can also receive helpful feedback from your fellow trainees by joining our community.    For more information about our monthly evaluations, check this article! Chance to participate in trainee-exclusive auditions    ED sets up auditions with the biggest KPOP entertainment agencies and hope to provide our trainees as many opportunities as we can.    If you'd like to know more about our KPOP auditions, check out this article: Tips for KPOP auditions in becoming a KPOP idol (Vol. 1) Ready to start your KPOP journey? Take your first class on ED here!   
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    7 Questions that Are Frequently Asked About ED
    We receive numerous emails from those who would like to join ED so we wanted to make it easier to figure out what ED is like. Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about ED!   Q1. How is ED different from YouTube tutorials? Although there are plenty of KPOP dance tutorial videos online, it's hard to learn from the top professionals.   Here on ED, we provide 100% exclusive online classes taught by original choreographers and real KPOP idol trainers. FYI, ED instructors are industry professionals currently working very closely with top KPOP artists, and are the ones who contribute the most to KPOP artists' overall performance!    Now, anyone who wants the KPOP Idol lifestyle can now learn everything a star needs to know through our high-quality online classes anytime, anywhere.   THE BOYZ HYUNJAE&Q's ED LIVE Artist Class "THRILL RIDE" Highlight Video ED is not just an ordinary online tutorial. You can experience the same systematic training process that real KPOP idols go through before and after their debut.   With ED, you don't just watch tutorial videos online. Instead, you can compare your moves with the trainers' in real time and get the same experience you would get offline. You can even receive personalized feedback from real KPOP instructors. Meet the instructors who created top KPOP stars, and learn from them not only dance but also their personal stories and the whole KPOP scene. Find more about our instructors! ED instructor Minjung Kim and ED trainee Patrice Siao dancing to a TWICE song.   Q2. Who do you recommend ED to?  Whether you dream of becoming a KPOP idol or just want to be a better singer/dance for any other reason, ED is perfect for anyone who likes KPOP and wants to train like KPOP idols do.      Q3. What can I learn on ED? ED provides dance, vocal, makeup and styling, and fitness classes. You can experience the same systematic training process that real KPOP idols go through before and after their debut. Our classes are designed so that you can gradually progress through different levels as you learn and improve. The ED Trainee level system is made up of 5 levels from A to E, with A being the lowest. Monthly evaluations from our instructors will determine when you will move up a point. You can receive between 1 to 3 points every month. If you would like to learn more about the level & monthly evaluations, click HERE.   Q4. Can beginners take classes? Of course! Our classes are designed so you can learn gradually. Start as a beginner and progress all the way up to the level of a KPOP idol. We have beginner-friendly rearranged choreography and KPOP dance routines and you will soon be able to dance like a KPOP star if you continue with our step-by-step courses. You can even get feedback from real KPOP trainers during our live classes or through monthly evaluations. Wanna challenge yourself with us? Start with our ‘KPOP Essentials’ classes!   Q5. Am I too old to join? What if I’m not Asian or Korean? We understand your concerns, but we truly believe anybody can enjoy KPOP, regardless of age, ethnicity, or nationality and that is why ED is here with you. We transcend age, gender and nationality. Please feel free to join us whenever you want!    Q6. What if I don’t speak Korean? Don’t worry! We have English interpreters for the class.   Q7. Can I try out the classes for free? Of course. Click HERE to start your 14-day free trial now!   We have a 14-day free trial that you can use once. You need to provide a valid payment method at the time you register for a free trial, but you won’t be charged until 14 days after you sign up. If you do not cancel your subscription before your free trial period ends, your account will be automatically converted to a paid ED Online Pass membership, and you will be charged through the payment method that you provided. By providing your payment information, you agree that we can charge your payment method for all fees and other charges as they become due, and that no additional notice is required.  
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    How to get ready to dance
    When brand new trainees first register for a dance class, they often ask us what they can do to prepare for the lesson. We're here to explain. With these guidelines, you’ll be ready to join the most heart-warming trainee community and dance.   1. Choose comfortable shoes!   Choose shoes that are comfortable and don't wear out easily. Keep in mind that your soles will be bending a lot and your shoes need to withstand a lot of friction, so durable shoes are best. But once you get the hang of things, you can really wear whatever makes you feel good! Our instructors wear everything from boots to sneakers when they dance. (Of course, there are some classes that require designated attire and shoes, for example ballet, and heels! You know what to wear when taking a heels class..)   2. Build a mini dance studio at home!   With ED, you don't simply "watch" the videos online. Instead, you can compare your moves with the trainers' in real time and get the same experience you would get offline in real life.   Make sure whatever you're using is charged enough and turn on your camera! It's best if your whole body can appear on it. We find that it's ideal if you're at least about 1.7 meters (or 5 ft 7 inches) away from the camera. On ED, we have a feature called mirror mode that lets you essentially bring mirror walls into whatever space you're in. Just make sure you have enough space to move around freely. Also, you can film yourself dancing and show us your moves by sending us your videos or tagging us on social media. (@edkpop.official, @edkpoplive, #edkpop) It’s so helpful to have your own dance videos so you can monitor yourself.   3. Find the instructor & add their classes to your wish list!  “ED instructors and interpreters help us every step of the way so dancing isn’t as hard as you think. My favorite instructor Rian has made learning online so much fun that it feels like you’re actually in person. We get to see their true personality and receive moral support.” — Vyvy Vo, United States   It's always better to find instructors you like. If you like the instructors, follow their social media and their recent styles and watch how other trainees dance with the instructors. On ED, we have many different instructors who have years of professional experience and who have worked closely with your favorite KPOP artists. They are the ones who contribute the most to KPOP artists’ overall performance!    They specialize in different genres and forms of dance and teach different styles of choreography, so explore their social media and our live and practice (on-demand) classes to see what's a good fit for you!   Check the levels of students that take their class, the way that they teach, and their dance style as well. Through ED, you can meet the instructors and learn from them not only dance but also their personal stories and the whole KPOP scene.   As a side note, you can learn a lot from your fellow trainees as well, whether that be during a live class or through our social media channels.    Okay, did all that – what’s next?  Relax.. smile, and dance at your own pace! Most importantly, just have fun! Click here to check your class schedule and start dancing. ​​ Below are a few recommendations to see what a typical ED LIVE Class looks like:
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    How to join an ED live class
    Now it’s time to check your class schedule and start learning. It’s easier than you think, we promise.     Schedule the live classes you’d like to take by clicking the "Count Me In" button on the Schedule page on The 'count me in' button will be automatically changed to the pink   'Join Class' button if the class is live now. If not, the button will be like  “YOU’RE IN”. Chosen classes will be displayed on your ED home screen as well. Schedule your live class schedule and join with just one click!    If you want to check our notices & schedule for upcoming classes on social media, follow @edkpoplive on Instagram! Everything about our live classes will be uploaded. Be aware that the time written on the Instagram schedule is based on the Los Angeles (PST/PDT) time zone.🔔 Set a reminder for yourself so you don’t miss out on your classes!   That’s it! You don’t need to sign up beforehand. Just join the class and have fun!   You can also click on the dropdown menu on the left hand corner and choose your time zone to automatically change to your preference! You don’t have to double-check world clocks anymore.   When you take a live class, you might have the opportunity to get immediate feedback, talk to the other students on chat, and see the moves on more bodies other than your own.   See how other trainee Mia enjoys our live classes—she's an ED trainee from England who has been with us since the very beginning.  After classes, it’s very important to know that recording yourself and monitoring will help you improve in your dance moves.   If you are able to record yourselves and upload it on Instagram, don’t forget to tag @edkpop.official and @edkpoplive!  We feature outstanding trainees who uploaded their videos every week. (We’ll ask your permission if uploading your video would be okay!)   Check out a few of our recommendations below and see what a typical ED LIVE Class looks like:   Ready to start your KPOP journey?  Click to count yourself in for a class on