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    How to practice at home
    Always remember that you will get better day by day—practice is a good way to learn at your own pace.  Here's how to practice dance and challenge yourself:    1. Warm up before dancing. To warm up, why not try a little workout routine from our fitness and posture classes? ED offers Pilates classes designed for dancers by our instructor Soomin, and here is a little clip from one of her classes. We also have a bunch of these on-demand practice classes on our website, so take a look! 2.  Take classes on your own schedule. Our trainees have different time zones and sometimes you miss our classes due to various reasons. Busy bees 🐝 who want to spare their time for dance can now take classes as well. If you’re a brand new trainee with slow pickup, practice classes will help you have control over the pace of your class. Beginners, trainees with slow pickup, Perfectionists... No matter what you're like. In our practice room, you can repeat parts of the class and lock every move down. 3. See what your practice room look like.  Click each button to head straight to specific parts! There are various functions that can help you enjoy the class.    Info: Check the basic information about the class here.  Numbers: See the number of lessons for each class and how long it takes to finish one class.  Options: Adjust the options for mirror mode, camera, and recording.  Lesson List: You can choose a lesson you want to learn. 4. Lock each move down by repeating challenging parts and adjusting the options. While taking class, don't forget to repeat challenging parts to lock each move down and adjust the options for mirror mode, camera, and recording. Always remember that our dance classes are in mirror mode so you can follow along easily! 5. Record yourself and review the video. After taking class, record yourself and review the video later on your own time. Click ‘Recording'  to record a video. It will have some spare seconds in the beginning to help you get ready for the recording, so don’t worry!  If you are able to record yourselves and upload it on Instagram, don’t forget to tag #EDKPOP, @edkpop.official and @edkpoplive! We feature outstanding trainees who uploaded their videos every month. (We’ll ask your permission if uploading your video would be okay!) Now it's time to prepare your monthly evaluations. ED is cheering for all our hardworking trainees! Don't forget that practicing consistently is key for everything, including leveling up.   Wanna know more about how to level up? Check this blog article out: How To Level Up Through Monthly Evaluations.  
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    How to level up through monthly evaluations
    Hi ED trainees! Through our monthly evaluations, you can receive your personalized feedback from our instructors. If you meet the attendance quota of 20 live classes per month or the homework quota of 6 practice videos in 3 weeks (3 vocal and 3 dance, not for feedback), you will be eligible to receive a monthly evaluation. You can then submit a video for evaluation on your dashboard for feedback from our instructors. We are alternating dance and vocal evaluations every month, so if we have vocal evaluations this month, we will have dance evaluations next month. Dance Evaluation Factors are below: Skills: Your skill score is based on the overall level of your dance skill or technique. Expression: We base your expression score on how well you expressed the atmosphere and tone of the song as well as your facial expression. Diligence: Fulfilling the attendance or homework quota and being eligible for monthly evaluations is the base point for your diligence. When you exceed this base point, you get a bonus for diligence. Your hours spent on on-demand classes is also included in your diligence score. Improvement: Your improvement score is based on your progress from the last evaluation. Just like how dance evaluations are based on four factors, vocal evaluations will be based on: How on-pitch you are How on-beat you are Your emotional expression or the way you are expressing the song The level of your technique (e.g. vibrato, mix voice, etc.) For those who are wondering what the level system is like, here’s the explanation. The ED Trainee level system is made up of 5 levels from A to E, with A being the lowest. Monthly evaluations from our instructors will determine when you will move up a point. You can receive between 1 to 3 points every month.   Each level has 6 points, except level E. For level E, points are not the key to leveling up. After you reach 6 points at level D, our instructors will check through the monthly evaluations to see if you’re qualified to be a level E trainee. Plenty of ED trainees participate in the monthly evaluations and here’s a good example of our monthly evaluation. Patricia from the Philippines getting feedback for her May monthly evaluation from Jay:  Isn’t she so good? Patricia is a Level D trainee growing so much as a singer and we are so excited for her potential. She attends live classes and participates in monthly evaluations so diligently. She got 3 points in May and is going to level up to Level E soon! We will make an announcement regarding monthly evaluation every month on, so if you’re going to participate in the evaluation as our trainee, make sure to check it out! To submit your monthly evaluation video, we recommend that you start thinking about your choice at the beginning of the month, so that you have enough time to practice. Remember that you also need to fulfill a homework or attendance quota. For dance evaluations, you can choose a choreography from our on-demand lessons at or below your level. You can't use a dance from a live class or choose basic techniques classes (KPOP Basic Techniques / Basic Tutting Tutorial / Basic Popping Tutorial / Basic Popping Tutorial #2) For vocal evaluations, you can choose whichever song you want. Please sing the song in its entirety then upload your video to YouTube and submit the link to us for evaluation, just like how you submitted your dance videos for evaluation. You can submit your homework video links directly on after signing in and scrolling down to 'Monthly Evaluation & Homework'. As you can see above, your attendance is counted automatically via your ED home. Once you fulfill either quota (you don't need both), the quota counter and homework attendance window will automatically be replaced by the evaluation submission window. If you use the homework quota, you can submit all six videos all at once but we recommend submitting two (one dance, one vocal) each week so that you can think of the evaluation at the end of the month like a reward to yourself for practicing consistently every week. If you’re going to participate in the evaluations, challenge yourself! If you’ve already participated in the evaluations, keep up the good work and make sure you're watching and referencing our vocal lessons! Start as a beginner and move all the way up to the level of a KPOP idol. Whether you dream of becoming a KPOP idol or just want to be a better singer/dance for any other reason, we hope you enjoy ED.