ED KPOP Online KPOP Training School by KPOP Idols and their teachers offers the best dance & vocal classes, cover dance tutorials, and idol audition opportunities.

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Exclusive Only in ED KPOP

1:1 Private Lessons
with Trainers of Top KPOP Idols

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  • 1:1 Online Lessons for 30 min. - Vocal & Dance
  • Same as Actual KPOP Idol Curriculum
  • Feedback from Professional Dancers & Singers

Student Satisfaction
100 % Guaranteed

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Real-time Pin-point Lessons

1:1 Real-time Correction
from Professional Trainers

Experience the Different You in Just 30 Minutes.

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1:1 Real-time Correction
Professional trainers will see your performance and give intensive coaching in fixing your mistakes and making the right moves and pitch, until you get it right.

Dance Get feedback on how you’re using your body, your good and bad habits, tips on expressions, and choreos that are most suitable for you.

Vocal Get to know the characteristics and sound range of your voice, how to use your vocal chords, and examples of suitable songs for you.

Actual Idol Lesson Curriculum

Starting from basics, improve your performance.

  1. Assessment of basics : Bounce, Isolation, Wave
  2. Learning classy movements : Walking, Posture, Turn, Step, Angle
  3. Understanding of choreography and expressions : Feedback from performer’s perspective
  1. Controlling voice : Stable use of vocal chords, breathing
  2. Transitioning vocal register : Discovering your best sound range and using mixed voice
  3. Feedback on performance : Feedback from performer’s perspective and applying expressions

Verified KPOP Professionals

Trainers of Top KPOP Idols,
Now Your
Private Trainers

Learn from NCT, DREAMCATCHER Trainers
and 10+ Top KPOP Professionals

ED Training Director JAY KIM

Artists’ favorite,
the Absolute ‘GO-TO’ in Vocal Training

  • 20 years of expertise in SM Ent.
  • Taught 60+ ED Live classes, 4.7K+ trainees with avg. satisfaction 4.9/5

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ED Approved Dance Trainer HWANG SOOYEON

Multi-hit making Choreographer of
iTunes No.1 Songs

  • Performance Director; Dreamcatcher Co.
  • Original Choreographer of BEcause, Scream, BOCA, Wind Blows, Whistle, Odd Eye (Dreamcatcher), BUNGEE (OH MY GIRL)
  • 9 Years of expertise as KPOP Trainer and Dancer
  • Taught 40+ ED Live classes, 3.4K+ trainees with avg. satisfaction 4.9/5

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Plus, 10+ TOP Instructors
are waiting for you!

Does this sound familiar ?

  • I don’t know if I’m doing it right
  • YouTube tutorials are not enough for me
  • I’m tired of practicing alone
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I need to improve fast

If YES to any of the above,
you’ve found the right place!

Additional Benefits

Unlimited Access to
All ED Live and On-demand Classes

500+ On-demand

Dance & Vocal
Practice Materials

* Updated Every Week

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36+ a month

Interactive Live
Group Classes

* Beginner to Advanced



Isn't the ticket too expensive?

It costs nearly $3-5,000 a month for KPOP trainees to get weekly lessons from vocal and dance trainers. With the same trainers and same lesson curriculum, the welomce class is only $9.99 and after that less than $50 per lesson

Is it okay to be a complete beginner when taking lessons?

Of course! KPOP training system is optimized for acquiring the basics and gaining physical strength in the shortest amount of time. Mastering the basics will allow you to find your own style and sing or dance to any type of song.

How many lessons should I take to see visible improvement?

After the first lesson, you will be able to feel the difference. According to proven results from our beta test, we recommend 4 lessons at minimum along with your own practice to most effectively improve your performance.

Lesson Details
What type of lessons are available?

-We provide Standard and Premium (original contents) lessons. It’s decided upon the lesson duration and what choreography you select for dance.
-Standard Lessons: 30 minute lessons for vocal and non-original choreography
-Premium Lessons:
1) Original choreography lessons from the original choreographer, duration of 30 minutes.
2) 60 minute duration for both vocal and dance lessons.

How will my instructor be matched?

Your instructor will be automatically matched based on the instructor's availability. But don't worry! We 100% guarantee you that all instructors are top professionals and you'll be satisfied with lessons.

Can we cancel or reschedule a lesson?

Yes. We understand your schedule can be changed. Canceling or rescheduling a lesson is available until 72 hours before lesson time.

Do we have to know Korean to take lessons?

Not at all! In every lesson, an English translator will attend and translate for you in real time.

Who are the instructors?

Don't be surprised! KPOP Artist's private teachers, original choreographers of hottest KPOP songs, and professionals with full of stage, production, and dance training experiences ARE NOW YOUR PRIVATE TEACHERS!

Lesson Tickets
and Bonuses
How do tickets get deducted?

Tickets get deducted at the time you make a reservation. For Standard lessons, 2 ticket is used and for Premium lessons, 2 to 4 tickets are used.

What does Bonus mean?

Bonus is a benefit we provide for our trainees. If you have unused tickets that are past expiration date, 50% of the cost of unused tickets will be converted to your bonus.

How can I use my bonus?

Bonuses can be used when you make your next purchase of monthly or one-time membership. Also, you can use the bonuses to purchase additional lesson tickets. If you’re subscribed to the monthly lesson plan, bonuses will automatically be reflected to deduct the amount on your next month’s payment.