ED KPOP Online KPOP Training School by KPOP Idols and their teachers offers the best dance & vocal classes, cover dance tutorials, and idol audition opportunities.

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ED Trainees!

This is the ED Team.

We are writing to introduce the new services that are now open at ED KPOP. But first, we would like to thank all of our trainees for joining our journey since 2020, and supporting us through your hard work and passion.

It truly is inspiring to see so many trainees learn and improve through our service, and this has pushed us further to provide better, higher quality services for your KPOP journey. As a part of this, we have strived to develop more features and content that can help you become a well-rounded, highly skilled KPOP trainee. And now..

Effective April 11th, 2022, our Service Update has been completed and we are unveiling our new website and services for you all! Our updates include.
free ed live and vod classes
We are now providing Live Classes and Practice Videos to all signed-up members for free!
Enjoy high quality dance, vocal, fitness, and styling classes from professional KPOP trainers.

We sincerely hope for ED KPOP to be a place where all KPOP lovers can freely come and dance, sing, and enjoy KPOP. We hope to provide equal opportunity for growth to all of our members, lifting all limitations such as region, budgets and more.

We believe that welcoming more trainees to our Live Classes and Practice Videos will allow our community to grow, provide even more instructors and classes, and give us more opportunities to showcase our best trainees and let us provide more opportunities for trainees to audition!

※ Services that are available for free are subject to change
Now open : private lessons
Are you ready for your first lesson with a professional KPOP trainer? Do you want to start with a Dance, or Vocal lesson? Get ready to learn from trainers that have taught your favorite KPOP idols, and improve better and faster than ever!

During these 1:1 sessions, your instructor will provide detailed feedback regarding your strengths and weaknesses, answer any questions you might have, and help you to improve your skills further!

For more information on Private Lessons, visit this page.
new dashboard
Say hello to your new Dashboard, where you can manage all of your progress — from the newly-introduced Private Lessons, to Live Classes and Practice Videos!

You can reserve Private Lessons, check your schedule for them, and purchase a Lesson Plan right here.

Same as before, you can also check what Live Classes are coming soon and join directly from your Dashboard. You will also be updated on new Practice Videos here, and keep track of your latest Practices!

Thank you for your ongoing support towards ED KPOP. We are so excited to start this new chapter together.

This is just the start of ED KPOP’s journey in bringing the best KPOP experience to fans all around the world. We are truly excited for what’s next, and will keep working on improving your training experience for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

See you and your friends in our classes and lessons :)

With love,

ED Team