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Choreography Lv.C

How You Like That BLACKPINK




00:00 / 00:00

How You Like That

  • Class Preview 01:08
  • Introduction 01:01
  • Rap. Part 1 08:30
  • Rap. Part 2 09:33
  • Bridge. Part 1 06:41
  • Bridge. Part 2 04:30
  • Chorus. Part 1 07:31
  • Chorus. Part 2 07:22
  • Closing 01:57
  • Practice: Full Choreography from Riye 01:08

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Choreography Lv.C

How You Like That BLACKPINK



With Riye's <How You Like That> class, you will learn the most trending moves in KPOP.

Choreography Lv.C

BLACKPINK How You Like That



With Riye's <How You Like That> class, you will learn the most trending moves in KPOP.


Total length: 49 Minutes

Class Preview 01:08

Performance by RIYEWatch Riye's full choreography for <How You Like That> by BLACKPINK.

Introduction 01:01

Performance by RIYERiye introduces the choreography she'll teach for today's class.

Rap. Part 1 08:30

Performance by RIYEShow off your full strength at this very first part! Follow Riye's moves step by step.

Rap. Part 2 09:33

Performance by RIYELearn the choreography for the second part of rap by Riye.

Bridge. Part 1 06:41

Performance by RIYEFeel free to express your own feelings in this part, as the atmosphere gets smoother here.

Bridge. Part 2 04:30

Performance by RIYEWe are already half way through! Make sure you don't forget to express your vibe.

Chorus. Part 1 07:31

Performance by RIYEThis part is more difficult than before, so pay closer attention to the class to make the choreography yours.

Chorus. Part 2 07:22

Performance by RIYEFinally here comes the last part. Make a gun with your hands, and get, set, go!

Closing 01:57

Performance by RIYERiye wraps up today's class, and emphasizes the importance of expressions when performing.

Practice: Full Choreography from Riye 01:08

Performance by RIYEPractice the full choreography to the music with Riye.




SM Ent. Dance Trainer
Red Velvet, SHINee, BAEKHYUN, SOMI Dancer

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