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Choreography Lv.D

DESSERT (Original) HYO




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DESSERT (Original)

  • Class Preview 01:29
  • Introduction 01:18
  • Intro 12:44
  • Chorus. Part 1 08:09
  • Chorus. Part 2 08:53
  • Dance Break 12:44
  • Chorus. Part 3 08:47
  • Closing 02:27
  • Practice: Full Choreography from Rian 01:29

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Choreography Lv.D

DESSERT (Original) HYO



Rian didn't let us down with HYO's first solo choreography <Dessert>. It's the merge of classical dance and acrobatic moves!

Choreography Lv.D

HYO DESSERT (Original)



Rian didn't let us down with HYO's first solo choreography <Dessert>. It's the merge of classical dance and acrobatic moves!


Total length: 58 Minutes

Class Preview 01:29

Performance by RIANWatch Rian's full choreography for Dessert by HYO.

Introduction 01:18

Performance by RIANRian, Dessert's original choreographer, explains her process for creating this dance.

Intro 12:44

Performance by RIANWatch Rian's count for the intro part of the song and learn the choreography. Practice this part to the music.

Chorus. Part 1 08:09

Performance by RIANRian shows you the count for the choreography in the chorus, and teaches you the first part of the dance here.

Chorus. Part 2 08:53

Performance by RIANFinish learning the chorus with Rian and practice to the music.

Dance Break 12:44

Performance by RIANBe warned that the choreography for the dance break is even more intense than the chorus. Learn this part and practice to the music.

Chorus. Part 3 08:47

Performance by RIANYou're almost done! The choreography for the last chorus is relatively relaxed in comparison to the first chorus and the dance break. Learn the choreography and practice with the music.

Closing 02:27

Performance by RIANWatch Rian's closing remarks. She explains that this class is the essence of the choreography, not the whole song, and gives advice for practicing.

Practice: Full Choreography from Rian 01:29

Performance by RIANTry practicing the full choreography with Rian to the music.




CHUNG HA Original Choreographer
TWICE, Weki Meki, Heize Choreographer
Finalist of "Dancing 9" Season 2